How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

A lot of people ask us how the Couch Guard acutally works to keep dogs off your couch. And the answer is in three ways, so let me explain!

1 — Couch Guards act as a visual barrier.

Most dogs are scared of even just seeing the Couch Guards sitting on the sofa, and to be honest we’re not even exactly sure why or what’s going on in their doggie brains. But during all of our early testing, we found this to often be the case; we even put the Couch Guard on the dogs’ beds and they wouldn’t go near them. When we tested Ranger (below), we put a piece of chicken on the back of the couch with the Couch Guards in place, and he cried and couldn’t figure out how to get it! So, put the Couch Guards on the sofa and they likely won’t even try to get on! Would you?!

Keep dogs off couch

2 — Couch Guards are uncomfortable.

If your dog does try to get on the sofa even with the Couch Guards in place, it’s going to be uncomfortable. The Couch Guard is made of a tough polycarbonate material that’s not cozy, so your pup won’t hang around. But we specifically designed the raised paws with rounded edges so they won’t hurt the dog or your children. One thing I will note here is that for the Couch Guards to make a sufficiently uncomfortable surface, you need to cover the WHOLE couch or loveseat, not just part of it. Dogs are smart! So if they see an uncovered section of sofa, then they’re probably going to try to sit there! We have three sizes of Couch Guards to cover a wide range of surfaces: Small (which contains 2 interlocking sheets for chairs & loveseats), Medium (contains 4 sheets to cover average sofas), and Large (contains 6 sheets to cover an average sofa and chair or sectional).

peachtree pet couch guard

3 — Couch Guard is a training tool.

This is one of the most important aspects of using our Couch Guards. Your dog will eventually find other places to sleep and grow to prefer those places over the furniture. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a testimonial from a real Couch Guard user:

I thought I would pass on my comments concerning the Couch Guard I purchased.
I have a 100+ lbs German Shepherd (Jack) who was happy to sneak around at night and lounge
on one of our three couches. Being a German Shepherd he also sheds a trail of hair in his wake.
We were at wits end experimenting with all manner barrier material to stop him with little success.
When I saw your testimonial on the internet, I was impressed with your whole narrative and I was inspired to give your product a shot.
Upon receipt of the product we placed it on the den couch and watched Jack reprogram himself.
After three days, he had moved his affection to the basement couch and stayed well clear of the den couch.
We then moved the Couch Guard to the basement couch and kept it there for three days.
The end result was nothing short of a miracle. Jack has reprogramed himself to avoid sleeping on any elevated furniture.
We were so confident in his change we purchased a very expensive leather couch set and it remains in mint condition.
I can confidently say your product has saved me thousands of dollars and made Jack’s life a lot easier.
Once again, Thanks a million and bless all your hard work and efforts.

Buy your Couch Guards here!

7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Pet This Holiday Season

1 — You’ll save a life!

Millions of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year & shelters are always packed. By adopting from a shelter, you’re saving that animal’s life, but also making room at the shelter so they can bring in another animal — So really you’re saving at least two lives! And just look how happy our first foster dog, Frankie (originally Mary Jane at Dekalb Co. Animal Shelter), is in these photos. The pics on the left are her shelter intake photos, and the ones on the right are literally the day we brought her home.

shelter pets are awesome

2 — You’ll save money.

Buying a puppy can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Shelter adoption fees are drastically less than that, and often shelters run numerous specials throughout the year to encourage adoptions, so you could pay even less.

3 — Shelter dogs are the best dogs.

If you’ve ever had a rescue dog, you know what I’m talking about! They’re so grateful, and in our experience really want to please you! This is our foster-fail Razzy, she’s always the happiest girl and willing to do just about anything you ask!

foster fail

4 — Shelters have puppies!

One of the most common reasons I hear for people bypassing shelters is because they want a puppy. Since we’ve been fostering, we’ve seen so many puppies come through, and they don’t always get adopted as quickly as you think! If you’re interested in getting a puppy, contact your local shelter or rescue and have them put you in contact with their person (or people) who regularly foster puppies. That way, you’ll have a direct line to the person who’s the most invested in finding those puppies good homes! These puppies and their mom just came into Lifeline in Atlanta this week  & will all need new homes soon!

puppies for adoptionshelter puppies for adoption

5 — Having a pet is good for your health.

Studies have shown that not only do pets reduce your stress levels & help you live longer just by being there, but people with dogs are also much more likely to be active. So if you’re New Years Resolutions include getting fit this year, think about adopting a running buddy!


shelter pets

6 — Shelters can match you with the perfect dog!

Most shelters and rescues actually know all their dogs’ personalities really well and have an added interest in matching you with the perfect dog so he or she won’t be returned. The staff can help you find everything from the perfect Netflix and Chill dog (just like our first foster Frankie) or the perfect active pups like our two current shelter alums

why you should adopt a shelter dog

7 — Most shelter dogs already know their manners.

Many shelter dogs come house-trained and with some basic obedience knowledge. Training puppies is HARD work! But if you adopt a shelter dog, chances are that most of that work will have already been done for you.

shelter dogs are the best

If you’re in the Atlanta area, we encourage you to check out Lifeline at Avondale, Fulton Co. Animals Services, Dekalb Co. Animal Services, or the Atlanta Humane Society. If you’re not in the area, your local county shelters or humane society can match you up with the perfect new best friend this holiday season!