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Pets who are victims of domestic abuse are now protected by law

via CNN Up to one-third of domestic violence victims in one study said they delayed the decision to enter a shelter out of concern for their pets’ welfare. But, according to some estimates, only about 3% of domestic violence shelters nationwide can accommodate pets. A new bill signed into law by President Trump on Thursday aims to change that. […]

How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

A lot of people ask us how the Couch Guard acutally works to keep dogs off your couch. And the answer is in three ways, so let me explain! 1 — Couch Guards act as a visual barrier. Most dogs are scared of even just seeing the Couch Guards sitting on the sofa, and to be honest […]

Our Favorite Dog Toys for 2018

Your dog isn’t just a pet, he’s part of the family. Although there’s little doubt he enjoys spending time with you, he actually needs his own entertainment too & let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to find time for a walk. If you’re looking for something that will get your dog’s tail a wagging & […]

Meet Victoria Park of Park Pet Supply

Do you worry about what’s in your dog’s food? Would you like to take a more holistic approach to your pet’s care, but have trouble finding the right products for your pet’s needs? Do you wish there was a place you could shop that really cared about you and your pet? One that could provide […]